Hawaiian Railway


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The Hawaiian Railway Society is a non-profit organization that restores and protects Hawaii's railroading history. They have one historic railroad on Oahu and the only operating museum in the entire state! Train rides are available throughout the year. Take a ride along the stretch of track west of old Ewa while listening to stories about Hawaii's railroading history. You can either bring your food and drinks aboard the train (sorry, no alcohol) or eat at a picnic area before or after your ride. Birthday parties and other special occasions may be reserved. The train holds a maximum capacity of 180 passengers. The fares are 15 for Adults, $10 for Children (2-12), and $10 for Seniors (Over 62). The two-hour ride is lovely down to the ocean and back that stops at an ice cream shop. A narration tells you a little about the area and the history of the train and the ride is pleasant and relaxing. The railroad is on an unnamed road and it's a bit hard to find. Parking space is limited.




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