8 Giant Donuts and 1 Bagel

9 Fotospots
What's better than a super fresh yummy donut? How about a super fresh yummy donut with a giant 32.5-foot-tall fiberglass donut photo opp in the background. That’s 130 regular donuts tall! Donut mind if I do.

Dale's Donuts

Saves: 25
Check-ins: 24
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Dunkin' Donuts' Giant Donut

Saves: 90
Check-ins: 49
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The Donut Hole

Saves: 713
Check-ins: 64
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Randy's Donuts

Saves: 185
Check-ins: 88
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Kindle's Donuts

Saves: 52
Check-ins: 20
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Donut King II

Saves: 34
Check-ins: 21
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Bellflower Bagels

Saves: 67
Check-ins: 30
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Randy's Donuts, Costa Mesa

Saves: 8
Check-ins: 2
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Randy's Donuts, Downey

Saves: 5
Check-ins: 9
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