Venice Beach's Best Photo Spots

14 Fotospots
Venice Beach is one of the coolest destinations in Los Angeles. From the lively boardwalk, to the historic Venice Beach Canals, to the thriving street art scene, Venice has something for everyone.

Jim Morrison Mural

Saves: 112
Check-ins: 75
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Venice Beach Boardwalk

Saves: 95
Check-ins: 98
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Venice Pride Flag Lifeguard Tower

Saves: 66
Check-ins: 39
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Venice Beach Canals

Saves: 787
Check-ins: 87
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Venice Sign

Saves: 154
Check-ins: 73
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Ballerina Clown

Saves: 91
Check-ins: 64
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Mosaic Tile House

Saves: 693
Check-ins: 42
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Abbot Kinney Mural

Saves: 32
Check-ins: 66
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Muscle Beach

Saves: 65
Check-ins: 85
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Mural

Saves: 27
Check-ins: 38
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Venice Beach Skatepark

Saves: 55
Check-ins: 74
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Venice Walk Streets

Saves: 383
Check-ins: 40
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El Bordello Alexandra

Saves: 170
Check-ins: 58
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Binocular Building

Saves: 359
Check-ins: 59
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