Malibu's Best Photo Spots

14 Fotospots
Known for its "21 Miles of Scenic Beauty," Malibu clearly has a ton of great Fotospots. From majestic waterfalls, to sandy beaches, to one Mexican food loving Muffler Man, The 'Bu is ready for its close up.

Point Dume Overlook

Saves: 407
Check-ins: 19
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Point Dume State Beach

Saves: 58
Check-ins: 15
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Serra Retreat

Saves: 187
Check-ins: 5
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Malibu Beach Swings

Saves: 360
Check-ins: 28
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El Matador State Beach

Saves: 248
Check-ins: 50
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El Pescador Beach

Saves: 42
Check-ins: 27
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Leo Carillo State Beach

Saves: 330
Check-ins: 43
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Paradise Cove

Saves: 92
Check-ins: 37
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La Salsa Muffler Man

Saves: 31
Check-ins: 59
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Adamson House Museum

Saves: 91
Check-ins: 44
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Solstice Canyon Falls & Ruins

Saves: 446
Check-ins: 10
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Neptune's Net

Saves: 63
Check-ins: 46
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Sandy Dune

Saves: 89
Check-ins: 36
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Point Mugu Rock

Saves: 56
Check-ins: 34
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