California's Best Ghost Towns

10 Fotospots
Want to see what life was like during the great gold rush? Stake your claim and check out our collection of abandoned and living ghost towns in California.

Calico Ghost Town

Saves: 331
Check-ins: 52
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Saves: 185
Check-ins: 34
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Silver City Ghost Town

Saves: 61
Check-ins: 6
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Amboy Ghost Town

Saves: 170
Check-ins: 27
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Bodie Ghost Town

Saves: 198
Check-ins: 10
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Mentryville Ghost Town

Saves: 321
Check-ins: 18
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Bombay Beach Ghost Town

Saves: 273
Check-ins: 63
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Randsburg Ghost Town

Saves: 165
Check-ins: 26
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New Idria Ghost Town

Saves: 99
Check-ins: 1
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Desert Center Living Ghost Town

Saves: 50
Check-ins: 37
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