Griffith Park's Best Photo Spots

11 Fotospots
From the original Bat Cave to the old Los Angles Zoo to the Travel Town Museum, Griffith Park has something for kids (and adults) of all ages. Did someone say day trip?

Bronson Caves

Saves: 1260
Check-ins: 26
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Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round

Saves: 381
Check-ins: 56
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Lake Hollywood Park

Saves: 569
Check-ins: 60
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Wisdom Tree

Saves: 337
Check-ins: 27
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Griffith Observatory

Saves: 741
Check-ins: 137
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Old L.A. Zoo Ruins

Saves: 1409
Check-ins: 92
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Travel Town Museum

Saves: 171
Check-ins: 59
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The Trails

Saves: 72
Check-ins: 21
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Los Angeles Zoo

Saves: 117
Check-ins: 88
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Griffith Park Bear Statue

Saves: 14
Check-ins: 24
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The Hollywood Sign

Saves: 519
Check-ins: 61
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