Must-Visit TV & Film Locations in NYC

10 Fotospots

From "Friends" to "Sex and the City," here are a few of our favorite TV and film locations in New York City. Lights, camera, action!

Sex And The City, Carrie Bradshaw's Apt

Saves: 101
Check-ins: 25
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Ghostbusters Firehouse

Saves: 121
Check-ins: 32
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Apartment from Friends

Saves: 80
Check-ins: 28
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Seinfeld Diner Location

Saves: 56
Check-ins: 18
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I Am Legend - Dr Neville’s Apartment

Saves: 30
Check-ins: 30
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The Joker Stairs

Saves: 85
Check-ins: 6
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Derek Zoolander's Apartment

Saves: 34
Check-ins: 20
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Cosby Show, The Huxtable House

Saves: 57
Check-ins: 22
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Paul's Boutique Location

Saves: 14
Check-ins: 15
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Greyshot Arch

Saves: 63
Check-ins: 37
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