Cool LA Movie Locations From the '90s

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From dramas like "Boyz n the Hood" and "American History X" to comedies like "Good Burger" and "Wayne's World," these '90s movies have it all. If you don't believe us, just ask The Dude!

Miss Parker’s House from "Friday"

Saves: 80
Check-ins: 24
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Craig's House from "Friday"

Saves: 142
Check-ins: 26
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"American History X" Movie House

Saves: 42
Check-ins: 28
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The Big Lebowski House

Saves: 102
Check-ins: 36
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Boyz n the Hood, Doughboy's House

Saves: 370
Check-ins: 30
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Boyz n the Hood, Tre's House

Saves: 409
Check-ins: 31
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Vivian's Apartment "Pretty Woman"

Saves: 106
Check-ins: 71
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Reservoir Dogs Diner

Saves: 265
Check-ins: 13
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Wayne's World House

Saves: 175
Check-ins: 32
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The Pawn Shop "Pulp Fiction"

Saves: 53
Check-ins: 20
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Good Burger Movie Location

Saves: 88
Check-ins: 27
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Kill Bill Vol 2 Wedding Chapel

Saves: 396
Check-ins: 27
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Cactus Jack's Market "Terminator 2"

Saves: 20
Check-ins: 7
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