Coolest Abandoned Places Near Los Angeles

18 Fotospots
Every photographer knows that abandoned places offer up some of the best photo opportunities. Get your tetanus shot and check out a few of our favorite abandoned Fotospots near Los Angeles. Snappity, snap, snap, snap.

Canned Heat House Ruins

Saves: 176
Check-ins: 23
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Topanga Canyon Time Tunnel

Saves: 197
Check-ins: 16
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Old L.A. Zoo Ruins

Saves: 1409
Check-ins: 92
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Tunnels To Nowhere

Saves: 1110
Check-ins: 2
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Sunken City

Saves: 1032
Check-ins: 87
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Murphy Ranch

Saves: 658
Check-ins: 29
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Nike Missile Control Site LA-96

Saves: 634
Check-ins: 20
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Topanga Fire Lookout

Saves: 798
Check-ins: 27
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Channel Street Skatepark

Saves: 131
Check-ins: 28
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The Bridge To Nowhere

Saves: 890
Check-ins: 11
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White Point Hot Spring Hotel Ruins

Saves: 347
Check-ins: 24
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The Nude Bowl

Saves: 310
Check-ins: 8
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Bombay Beach Ghost Town

Saves: 291
Check-ins: 71
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Battery Barlow-Saxton

Saves: 647
Check-ins: 38
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Concrete Dinosaur Ruins

Saves: 237
Check-ins: 30
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Foster Park Bowl

Saves: 136
Check-ins: 22
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Abandoned Hawthorne Plaza Mall

Saves: 1586
Check-ins: 52
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Abandon Rockhaven Sanitarium

Saves: 257
Check-ins: 22
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