Battery Barlow-Saxton

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Also known as Angels Gate Bunkers, this battery was completed in 1919. It is one of several which protected the mainland USA from attacks by sea. Its distinguishing feature was a series of eight 12-inch mortars which had a range of 11 miles and could be turned 360 degrees. The battery was abandoned in the late 1940s and is now a concrete canvas for urban artists. Nearly every inch of this huge structure is covered in ever-changing graffiti. It's also behind a fence and on private property so proceed at your own risk.

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Driving W on S Gaffey St, make a right on Barlow Saxton Rd and look for the blue spray painted sign at the first bend in the road. Just down the hill you’ll find a hole in the fence. Note: This is private property so proceed at your own risk.
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