SoCal’s Historic Muffler Men

10 Fotospots
These 25-foot-tall fiberglass giants were originally produced back in the 1960s and '70s to draw attention to local businesses. Now, they're scattered across the U.S. including a bunch right here in Southern California.

Porsche Muffler Man

Saves: 33
Check-ins: 49
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La Salsa Muffler Man

Saves: 23
Check-ins: 47
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Chicken Boy

Saves: 82
Check-ins: 30
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Tuneup Masters Muffler Man

Saves: 22
Check-ins: 33
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Cortes Auto Glass Muffler Man

Saves: 30
Check-ins: 32
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Mentone's Paul Bunyan

Saves: 48
Check-ins: 17
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Tony’s Transmissions Muffler Man

Saves: 22
Check-ins: 21
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Joor Muffler Man

Saves: 16
Check-ins: 22
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The Indian On The Circle

Saves: 29
Check-ins: 13
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Big Josh

Saves: 35
Check-ins: 39
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