10 Spooky Movie (and TV) Houses in Los Angeles

10 Fotospots

Creep it real and check out these 10 super spooky movie (and TV) houses from our fa-boo-lous friends at Fotospot.

Buffy Vampire Slayer House

Saves: 249
Check-ins: 31
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Six Feet Under Funeral Home

Saves: 118
Check-ins: 46
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American Horror Story House

Saves: 1145
Check-ins: 110
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Spadena House

Saves: 1029
Check-ins: 119
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The TV House from "Charmed"

Saves: 362
Check-ins: 104
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Nightmare On Elm Street House

Saves: 608
Check-ins: 91
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Michael Jackson's "Thriller" House

Saves: 557
Check-ins: 118
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Halloween Movie House

Saves: 567
Check-ins: 92
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Bird Box Movie House

Saves: 509
Check-ins: 48
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Poltergeist Movie House

Saves: 206
Check-ins: 26
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