Atlanta's Best Photo Spots

13 Fotospots
The ATL, Hotlanta, The Dirty South. Whatever you call it, Atlanta has a ton of cool spots to explore. From the spooky Doll's Head Trail to the spectacular views from the Sun Dial Restaurant, A-Town has a little something for errbody.

KFC's The Big Chicken

Saves: 30
Check-ins: 25
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Delta Flight Museum

Saves: 32
Check-ins: 11
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Sun Dial Restaurant View

Saves: 50
Check-ins: 23
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Boyhood Home of MLK Jr

Saves: 72
Check-ins: 31
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The Krog Street Tunnel

Saves: 147
Check-ins: 28
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Doll's Head Trail

Saves: 93
Check-ins: 6
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Junkman's Daughter

Saves: 60
Check-ins: 22
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Old Atlanta Prison Farm

Saves: 76
Check-ins: 4
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Starr's Mill Waterfall

Saves: 104
Check-ins: 10
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World of Coca-Cola

Saves: 69
Check-ins: 53
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Saves: 40
Check-ins: 9
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Sweet Eloise WWII Bomber

Saves: 30
Check-ins: 7
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Atlanta White House

Saves: 53
Check-ins: 8
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