Best Photo Spots Near Laguna Beach

14 Fotospots
Known for its picturesque beaches, thriving artist community, and scenic hiking trails, Laguna Beach is jam-packed with great Fotospots. Happy exploring!

Sawdust Art Festival

Saves: 313
Check-ins: 44
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Red Phone Booth

Saves: 232
Check-ins: 71
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3rd Street Stairs

Saves: 185
Check-ins: 47
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Top of the World

Saves: 304
Check-ins: 31
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Victoria Beach's Pirate Tower

Saves: 1648
Check-ins: 101
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Treasure Island Beach Tunnel

Saves: 519
Check-ins: 60
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Sphinx Rock at Table Rock Beach

Saves: 84
Check-ins: 27
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1000 Steps Sea Cave

Saves: 252
Check-ins: 32
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1000 Steps Secret Pools

Saves: 599
Check-ins: 36
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Colinas Ridge Secret Swing

Saves: 375
Check-ins: 24
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Dripping Cave

Saves: 122
Check-ins: 14
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Mission San Juan Capistrano

Saves: 581
Check-ins: 69
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Zoomars at River Street Ranch

Saves: 43
Check-ins: 29
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Crystal Cove Shake Shack

Saves: 82
Check-ins: 38
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