Los Angeles to Las Vegas Road Trip

16 Fotospots
Heading out on a Las Vegas road trip? Here are a few easy roadside attractions off the 10 and 15 to break up the drive. If you're doing it in reverse, we recommend focusing on the free attractions. Viva Las Vegas!

Monster Park

Saves: 559
Check-ins: 42
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Statue of Liberty Replica

Saves: 60
Check-ins: 24
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Original In-N-Out Burger Replica

Saves: 1053
Check-ins: 76
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Cucamonga Service Station

Saves: 99
Check-ins: 44
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Mormon Rocks

Saves: 109
Check-ins: 52
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24-Foot-Tall Trigger Statue

Saves: 21
Check-ins: 23
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Giant Fire Helmet

Saves: 71
Check-ins: 80
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Peggy Sue's 50's Diner

Saves: 167
Check-ins: 152
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Mad Max-Style Vehicles

Saves: 91
Check-ins: 26
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Calico Ghost Town

Saves: 344
Check-ins: 58
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Eddie World

Saves: 156
Check-ins: 188
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World's Tallest Thermometer

Saves: 81
Check-ins: 189
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Alien Fresh Jerky

Saves: 156
Check-ins: 168
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Seven Magic Mountains

Saves: 590
Check-ins: 220
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Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Saves: 289
Check-ins: 182
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Jenny Rose Restaurant Sign

Saves: 25
Check-ins: 74
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