Eddie World

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The 65-foot-ice cream sundae (a nicely disguised water tower) is a large, colorful shout-out to dusty travelers driving through the Mojave Desert. Located in the middle of nowhere on a lonely stretch of road between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Eddie World is the Four Seasons of gas stations. The gigantic building looks like a cross between a Spanish villa and a Roman pavilion. Top-tier gas is sold alongside Tesla superchargers. You have your choice of Peet's coffee, Poke bowls, or piping hot pizza. Or, make yourself a bag of delectable delights from the vast array of candies and nuts. There are plenty of toys for the grumpy kiddoes to choose from if you'd rather not stuff them full of sugar. Some will think the bathrooms are the main attraction here - not only are they sanitized to a pearly sheen, they're pretty fancy too! (Photo by Travis Bevelaqua)

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Great shirt.
Great spot
Different snacks and cool stuffed animals. Also, the beef jerky is amazing!
Yummy drink !! Book Club Trip 2020
Sweet stop
Fuel tank here
Eddie at Eddie world
Super windy 🌬
Stopped to get gas, it’s hot and windy.
Touch. This is what Michael and Magic was playing on!!!
Mar 7, 2022
Did someone say TREATS?! 😋
September 2, 2022
September 2, 2022
They have non-dairy ice cream
Too much rain to get out and stand in front of it 
March 2023
Delicious candies 😊