Bombay Beach Ghost Town

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Even though Bombay Beach is a desolate place sitting on the equally desolate and putrid Salton Sea, it's quite the attraction for novice filmmakers and writers. It's hard to believe this bleak town was once like Palm Springs - property sold at a premium and movie stars came here to relax at this inland California riviera. Taking a walk on this beach will require footwear; the whiteness you see is not sand - it's the disintegrated bones of long-dead fish. Still, Bombay Beach has a population of just under 300 and you can grab a hamburger at the local grease joint when you've tired of the rancid-smelling lake. (Photo by Alida Bigham)

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The drive in
Sunday service caught at the perfect moment. All are welcome
Diving in
Pink Chair I don’t care
The angler house
Rebar star
Bombay Beach, Salton Sea
Beach TV
Nike’s “just do it” commercials came to mind watching this guy running around the Salton Sea. It’s beautiful but not a place I would willing jog knowing the dust particles are bad out there
My little just being a kid … unaware of the eerie ness of this ghost beach
Quick cruise trough Bombay beach