Wisdom Tree

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This pine tree is about 15-minutes walking distance from the Hollywood sign. It is probably notable because of its solitary existence on an otherwise barren hill. The tree marks the point where one of the most breathtaking views of Los Angeles is to be had. You'll have to do a bit of legwork to get there - the trail is a 3-mile roundtrip loop which takes you up a steep 872 feet in elevation and takes about two hours to complete. However, once you've completed it you can proudly say that you hiked one of the most famous trails in Los Angeles. (Submitted by Brenda Rios)

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Amazing view!
Be careful
View From Wisdom Tree Shot on 35mm Lomography Film
Wisdom Tree
Mid day hot girl walk led me here🫶🏼 I heard it was a mile one way but it definitely felt longer lol. I had fun tho! A solid hike :) Bowls for doggies up top and before the gate