The Donut Hole

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A perfect example of programmatic architecture (when a building's outside represents the contents inside) the Donut Hole beckons all to drive through its chocolately archway and to indulge in a deep fried, sugary treat.

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Donuts were delicious!
Going into the Donut Hole.
When in La Puente you have to go thru it!!!!
Yummy donuts
Gina & I w our grandson ❤️
Our first fotostop w our grandson Kai ♥️
Yum with our four girls
Diabetes anyone . Book Club trip 3.20
Get in my belly!
The line was soooo long for us to wait
The “Donut Hole”
The Donut Hole
With the “Big Texas” extra large donut to match the exterior! 😋
Donuts are pretty good