Lost Crash Site of Oceanic Flight 815


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The producers of the hugely popular ABC TV series Lost chose stunning Mokule'ia Beach as the fictional crash site for Oceanic Flight 815. The beaches on Oahu’s north shore featured prominently during the show’s first season, and fans should especially recognize the outline of the nearby mountain range (as viewed from Mokule'ia Beach) from part one of the Pilot episode. And for those who aren’t fans of Lost, Mokule'ia Beach soft sands, clear blue water, coral reef, and wildlife (colorful fish, green sea turtles, and breaching whales in the distance) are enough of a draw for any beachgoer. What’s more, parking is plentiful as this is one of Oahu’s lesser-visited beaches. However, with that said, be aware that there are no facilities nor lifeguards on duty.


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