Byodo-In Temple

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This gorgeous Buddhist temple in Oahu’s Valley of the Temples Memorial Park is a smaller-sized replica of an 11th Century temple in Kyoto, Japan. Fans of the TV show Lost may recognize this location as the “South Korean” home of Sun’s father. Of interest on these beautifully landscaped grounds are the 9-foot gold leaf Amida Buddha, the three-ton Bon-sho (a sacred brass bell, customarily rung before entering the temple), a meditation pavilion, koi pond, and an authentic Japanese tea house which now functions as a gift shop filled with unique Japanese-themed souvenirs and original artwork. A menagerie of animals also have free reign of the grounds, including peacocks, turtles, frogs, black swans, and more.

Member Photos

Black swan
Temple on a cloudy day
Inside temple
My wife Victoria feeding the Koi and a black swan (gift from Australia) eating seeds out of her hand! ☺️