Hawaii's Plantation Village

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Located in historic Waipahu town, Hawaii's Plantation Village is the perfect location for the family where everyone can experience a living history museum and botanical garden. This outdoor museum relates to us the story of living on Hawaii's sugar plantations from around 1850 to 1950. You'll see over 25 restored buildings as well as replicas of plantation structures, including houses of various ethnic groups and community buildings such as the plantation store, infirmary, bathhouse, and manager's office. You'll hear stories of the many cultures who share Hawaii, including Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, Okinawan, Portuguese, and Puerto Rican. You'll also see some unusual plants brought from China, Portugal, Japan, Puerto Rico, Korea, Okinawa, Polynesia, and the Philippines by immigrants from their native lands who provide delicious fruit samples during the tour. The gift shop crafters at Hawaii's Plantation Village make many items featuring homemade handicrafts, ethnic music, cookbooks, toys, and more! Guided tours are available.