Jumping Rock

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This rock is a favorite for tourists - and many post YouTube videos showing their catapulting feats. The rock is easy to climb and smooth on bare feet. Jump from the middle of the bluff which will ensure a safe landing in the water. If you're feeling even braver, swim down and find the underwater lava tunnels known as Shark's Cove.

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Jumping Rock at Waimea has been a favorite destination of ours since we were kids. We still make it a point to get at least one jump in on every trip to the North Shore. The small parking lot fills up fast, but every now and then you get lucky. There is extra parking further up the road at the church, but you may have to pay to park and walk further to the beach. The rock itself has different levels you can jump off of. Makes it easier for first time jumpers to start on the lower level and work there way up to the top as they build up their courage. The swim in is nice and easy, just be sure to swim away from the rock before heading to shore so you don’t get landed on by other jumpers 🤙🏼