Kapena Falls

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The Kapena Falls which is known as the most accessible waterfall in O'ahu is just steps from the Pali Highway. Almost immediately hikers will become surrounded by a thick forest on this incredibly short (.5-mile round trip) trail. The waterfall comes into view almost immediately. Follow the path down to the edge of the pool and you'll have a great view of the 20-foot cascading waterfall. At the top of the falls, there's a cliff jumping area. A few minutes south of Kapena Falls, on the trail you'll find the Alapena Pool. It's smaller than Kapena but equally beautiful. Across from the pool, take notice of a small cage that protects some ancient Hawaiian drawings, the Nu'uanu Petroglyphs. The scenic vegetation of this area in the past has attracted film crews from "Lost" and the movie "The Rundown" starring The Rock (Dwayne Johnson). To get to the falls park at the rear of the Nuuanu Memorial Park & Mortuary and travel down the hill to the trailhead near the rock wall. Follow the trail for 5-10 minutes and you will arrive at Kapena Falls.

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