Liliuokalani Protestant Church

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In 1832, a grass house church with a maximum capacity of 2000 stood on this site on the corner of Kamehameha Highway and Haleiwa Road. In 1840, a new house of worship, this time made of adobe, was constructed where the present day cemetery is now located. In 1890, the wooden church was constructed, and it was in this building that Queen Liliuokalani attended church service whenever she vacationed in her country home. This royal member of the congregation gave the church its name, and the name remained when the fourth and final cement church was built in 1961. The building’s most famous feature is its (seven-handed!) 32-inch diameter clock, with the clock numbers replaced with the twelve letters of the late Queen’s name: L-I-L-I-U-O-K-A-L-A-N-I.

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