Stairway to Heaven

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Named for the narrow staircase that ascends sharply up almost 4,000 steps high, this trail is known locally as the Haiku Stairs. The summit of the stairs is a peak called Pu'u Keahi A Kahoe and it is shrouded in a dense fog making it seem as if you are entering the celestial sphere. This isn't a legal hike - you would be trespassing on private property and subject to a hefty fine if you are caught. Even so, many people get past the guards by embarking at the crack of dawn. Bring appropriate clothing and supplies and be aware this hike is not for those with even a mild fear of heights. Proceed at your own risk - (submitted by Nikky van Beek)

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Stairway to Heaven ... right at cloud level, absolutely a once in a lifetime experience! But, be careful! It is dangerous
The view from half way up!