Sugar Mill Ruins

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For those who love exploring eerie ghost towns and abandoned buildings, the 130-year old Kualoa Sugar Mill ruins is the perfect place to poke around and let your imagination run wild. All that’s left of this ill-fated steam-powered sugar mill (built in 1865) are a few walls and a coral brick smoke stack approximately 35-feet in height. Sadly, the mill also comes with a tragic story. The nine-year-old son of one of the owners accidentally fell into a vat of boiling syrup and died three days later from his wounds. What’s more, by 1871 the mill was no longer commercially viable because Kualoa didn’t have enough rainfall to sustain the sugar crops. Since then, the mill has lain untended, and its lonely smokestack is easiiy spotted by travellers along the Kamehameha Hwy.

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