Waimano Falls

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Located near Pearl City, Oahu the Waimano Falls Trail has a heavily traveled out and back, 2.9-mile trail that features a beautiful waterfall. The path is suitable for kids and is accessible all year-round and leashed canine friends are welcome. The hike itself is excellent but bring water. Begin at the top of Komo Mai Drive (look for the green gate) and park on the road leading up to the entrance. The first half-mile of the hike is easy. Then look for a sign pointing to the Waimano Falls Spur and follow that sign to the right to reach the scenic endpoint. If it gets too hot, there's a creek at the end of the hike where you can swim. Up a little ways from the stream is the waterfall. There are some bugs and mud so wear suitable nonslip footwear and bring bug spray.

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