Beaver Falls

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From the Havasu campground the 8 mile trek to Beaver Falls is well worth the trip and you'll enjoy incredible cascading pools over limestone terraces. Swim in the turquoise pools of Havasu Creek - if you're willing to make this daring journey. Begin by heading towards Mooney Falls which can be an adventure in itself as you make your way down using various bolts, chains, and ladders. Do not attempt this section in inclement weather! From Mooney, you'll take the trail to Beaver Falls which heads northwest. After a few water crossings you'll wander through some open areas of the canyon and, yes, you'll encounter one more water crossing, but this one has a small bridge if you need it. Eventually you'll reach two options to get to Beaver Falls and you can cross the creek again to a trail that will lead you along the creek to the upper falls or take a sharp right up the wall and climb up higher on the bank towards Beaver. Once you've arrived at Beaver you've earned yourself a swim! Note that jumping off the falls is not allowed.