Lava River Cave, Flagstaff

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The Lava River Cave is a fascinating natural wonder located near Flagstaff, Arizona. It's an underground lava tube that formed thousands of years ago when molten lava flowed from nearby volcanoes and created a long, tunnel-like cave. The cave's dark and cool interior offers a stark contrast to the arid desert landscape above. Visitors to the cave should come prepared with appropriate gear and clothing as the cave can be challenging to navigate. Wear sturdy footwear, bring a reliable light source (such as a headlamp or flashlight), and dress in layers to accommodate the temperature difference between the cave and the outside environment. To get to the cave, park in the dirt parking lot off of Fire Road 171B and continue by foot for 0.2 miles to the cave. (Submitted by Brian Good)

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Entrance into the Caves
Lava River Cave