Lutes Casino

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Lutes Casino is a unique and quirky establishment located in Yuma, AZ. It was originally built in 1901 as a meat market and it has since transformed into a beloved local hangout spot that draws in both locals and tourists alike. The first thing you'll notice about Lutes Casino is its distinctive exterior which features a mishmash of different architectural styles and colorful signage. Inside the decor is just as eclectic with walls covered in memorabilia, antique guns, and old photographs. One of the main draws of Lutes Casino is its menu which features classic American fare with a southwestern twist. The signature dish is the "Lutes Special," a sandwich made with hot dogs, cheese, and a secret sauce that customers rave about. But perhaps the most unusual feature of Lutes Casino is the fact that it has a dedicated penny floor. That's right, the entire floor of the establishment is covered in pennies which have been painstakingly arranged to create unique patterns and designs. (Submitted by Ruth Boss)

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