The Arizona Death Star


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From Interstate 40 you may think this geodesic moon came straight from Walt Disney World. Closer inspection reveals it has smaller moons or orbs on small sticks. It may look like a giant golf ball but it also resembles a prototype Death Star! Since the 1970s, this Death Star has been balancing on its spot. It actually was part of a shady real estate deal gone bad called the Lake Havasu Estates. The advertisements featured lakeside residents waterskiing happily even though Lake Havasu was almost 40 miles away! They were selling plots without utilities and with a shoreline not in sight. Plenty of dry scrubland was available however. And no building permits had ever been issued for the project which went bankrupt in 1972 in this swindle. The globe, known as the Dinesphere (intended to be a restaurant and nightclub), still stands there to this very day. Purchased by a Wyoming resident, the Death Star was gutted and made fully operational. The sphere has been sold since then.


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