Tomb of Charles Debrille Poston

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Charles D. Poston, born in 1825 and passed away in 1902, played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Arizona territory, earning him the esteemed title of "Father of Arizona." From December 5, 1864 to April 26, 1865, he served as Arizona's inaugural delegate to Congress. Throughout his later years, Poston embarked on travels to the Far East, which ignited his fascination with Zoroastrianism and the worship of the sun. In 1878, he constructed a remarkable "fire temple" atop a towering 250-foot hill near Florence, subsequently christened as Poston's Butte. Governor George W. P. Hunt led an official ceremony to entomb Poston's remains on Poston's Butte. It was a momentous occasion that occurred on April 26, 1925, precisely 23 years after Poston's passing. Finally, his pyramid, a testament to his memory, was accomplished, solidifying his enduring legacy. (Submitted by Amy Davis)