Anaheim Packing District

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This Spanish-style building was once a Sunkist facility in 1919. Newly revamped, it's now one of the most contemporary areas in Anaheim. Lots of food and activities make this historic center a great place for a family outing or date night with the SO. It is representative of the diverse community of Anaheim - you'll find ramen, Southern comfort food, boba, and fish and chips. Just make sure you go on an empty stomach - it'll be hard to choose between all the different food court stalls! (Submitted by Brenda Rios)

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A lot of different food places and bars. A cool hang out place.
Photo op
Babe and I
Spooky bunneh
Hangover burger from Iron Press and Honey Lavender Lemonade from Mini Monster 😘😍
“Eat like no one is watching” 😋😜
Anaheim Packing House during Christmas time.
Enjoy the ride! 🍊
Listening to good music while eating great food
Wall hippies
Outdoor heart swing
Colorful lanterns
First time here