Anderson's Conn Valley Vineyards

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Since 1983, Anderson's Conn Valley Vineyards has been a family-owned and operated winery under the stewardship of the Anderson family. Nestled on a 40-acre property just south of Howell Mountain in Conn Valley, is committed to crafting world-class wines. Conveniently located only 3 miles or a 10-minute drive east of downtown St. Helena, the vineyard offers a serene escape from the bustling tasting rooms. Visitors can enjoy a personalized and educational experience, interacting with the owners and wine team while savoring exquisite wines, ranging from crisp white wines to textured reds. Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards invites guests to relish a taste of Napa's historic charm and discover the excellence that defines their wine portfolio. To check wine availability or book a tasting, please contact the winery.