Balboa Park

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1,200 acres in San Diego are home to museums, theaters, and the San Diego Zoo. A Japanese garden and fine Southern California weather are the ingredients for a perfect place to stroll around. It's also a cultural experience with musicians playing live music and the Spanish Village Art Center. This is place that you'll want to leave yourself a couple of days at least to explore! Although the park itself is open 24/7, the different attractions inside the park have set business hours. Check the corresponding websites for hours. (Submitted by Brenda Rios)

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Casa de Balboa 10/10/20
Balboa ❤️
Feb 2020 - SRR
Balboa Park, San Diego.
So pretty and lots of places to have little picnics! Make sure to bring something to drink in case you get hot easily :)
At Prado Restaurant
Balboa Park
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