Bernie Sanders by Jonas Never

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Who knew that the star of the Joe Biden's presidential inauguration would not be Biden himself, but Bernie Sanders whose attempts to grab the Democratic Party nomination for POTUS were unsuccessful? He's been the meme hero of 2021, a warm, grandfatherly figure in his mask and mittens, sitting cross-legged in the freezing cold, socially distanced at least six feet from others, on the bleachers of Capitol Hill. Exactly four days after Biden's swearing in, Jonas Never painted his likeness on a wall at the entrance of a nondescript alleyway about 1/2 mile southwest of the 405. Another interesting tidbit gleaned from @ashleyksmalls (whose tweet of Brendan Smialowski's photo went viral) is that Bernie's eye-catching mittens were knitted by a Vermont teacher. Perhaps the next fashion trend?

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