California Dreaming Wall

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Designed by artist Ricardo Gonzalez, this phrase was popularized by the Mamas & the Papas with their hit song of the same title has become synonymous with the California lifestyle. There are no pictures, simply "California Dreaming" written out in a giant, white, casual cursive font. Set against a violet and pink background that evokes an L.A. sunset, the entire picture-less mural somehow represents all that the Golden State radiates. (Submitted by Teresa Ellison)

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Best I could get :)
08-4-19 driving by _arcealex
By @itsaliving #chineselaundry
One of my favorite photo ops for cars :)
Love this spot
•California Dreaming• = •Paradise Living•
They all blogging. Chinese only blogging.
Was driving by and happened upon this spot. Pulled back around and took a photo real quick. Found out it was on the app after. So many cool spots on this app!