Cayucos Morro Bay Cemetery

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The Cayucos-Morro Bay Cemetery District started in 1883 and became a district cemetery in 1940. Many graves from the burial grounds in Cayucos are now in this location. Among the graves are figures like Elizabeth Oilar, dating from 1850 and Elisha Packwood, born in 1773, before the Declaration of Independence. Elisha was relocated to the Cayucos-Morro Bay Cemetery District from an undisclosed locale. One of the most dramatic monuments in the cemetery is the large angel, sculpted by hand in Italy. A former resident of the area said that the head of each family would construct a coffin for how many children he had. If a child died, the burden of burying would be the head of the family's responsibility. The Cayucos-Morro Bay cemetery is a beautiful and well-kept local treasure, overlooking the ocean where you can enjoy a peaceful walk.