Colorado Street Bridge

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Opened in 1913, this historic bridge is also reportedly haunted - and for good reason. It was marred from the moment it was built - a worker fell to his death into the wet cement below. There are rumors that he is still encased in the cement although it seems quite unlikely that his fellow workers would allow his body to remain there. The worker is said to be the catalyst for hauntings and curses and subsequently 28 people committed suicide - most of them jumping during the Great Depression. The last suicide was in April of 2017, an unfortunate addition to the already high tally of self-inflicted deaths here.

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I love this bridge
😘😘😘We’ve been here before LALALand~
I walked up to this sign that read ‘There Is Hope’ towards the infamous Colorado Street Bridge aka Suicide Bridge and sat down for about two hours in silence just wondering how something so beautiful can yet be so dark. So I decided to look up a poem for anyone who finds themselves in a dark place... ‘I wish I could take the colors of the rainbow and place them into your heart so you would remember how beautiful feels like and know there is hope in the dark’ - Christy Ann Martine
Plenty of history behind this bridge also known as “Suicide Bridge” more info on my instagram @hiddenhiking @joshboba
Colorado Bridge
Colorado Street Bridge
On a rainy Christmas Eve