Craftsmanship Museum

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Miniatures are fascinating, but we often think of them as dolls and houses. This museum specializes in tiny combustion engines, model vehicles, clocks, guns, and so much more - all small and all to scale. The diminutive size makes them all the more awe-inspiring. The intense labor and delicate touch that had to go into creating working miniatures is not to be dismissed. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 9 AM to 4 PM. Admission is free but donations are welcome. See the website for scheduling updates.

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I forgot to check in here because I was having such an awesome time looking at all it has in its museum. If you are in Carlsbad, check this out it’s a crafters and engineers delight with docents to answer any questions you might have.
Quad made from watch parts
Miniature Dollhouse…amazing details!