Custom House Museum

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Monterey's Old Custom House is the oldest government building in California. Built in 1827 the Old Custom House is a National Historic Landmark, standing as a remembrance of the city's Mexican heritage and the political presence of Mexico in the town during the mid-1800s. The Custom House is also the first government building in California and the earliest government building on the west coast whose primary purpose was to collect customs duties on foreign goods at the bay, California's main point of entry. On January 1, 1930 the State Division of Beaches and Parks took it over and made it a museum. Then, in 1960, the Custom House was designated a National Historic Landmark and it remains in use as a museum and visitor center. Visitors can tour the building and peruse the historical objects, educational materials, and gift shop.

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Blanco in front of the Custom House and an u k owe anchor that was pulled from the bay around 1944