Desert Queen Mine

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You can still see a lot of the old equipment that was once used in this big, historic mine in the midst of Joshua Tree. The mine's output of gold wasn't hugely successful, but generated enough revenue to keep it operating for almost 75 years. Of course, where there's gold there's often chicanery. Although the mine is associated with cattle-rustler Jim McHaney, he came into the mine through violence - namely hiring two men to forcefully take it from founder, Frank L. James. In the commotion James was shot and killed. Even with its checkered past, the hike to the mine is peaceful and beautiful, taking you on a mile-long trek through the stark desert beauty. To get there, take Park Blvd. to Desert Queen Mine Rd. Travel for about one mile and you'll see a small parking lot on your left-hand side marking the trailhead. Lat/Long: 34.024146, -116.071455

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