Desert View Tower

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Built as a roadside attraction, a.k.a. tourist trap in the 1920s, this 70-foot-high stone lookout provides panoramic views of the surrounding desert, including a fugitive border passage between California and Mexico. It’s a trap that works—you’ll want to stay and wander nearby Boulder Park, a maze of quartz granite boulders featuring bizarre but artful sculptures. The carved bison, lizard, skull and other figures were added by outsider artist W. T. Ratcliffe during the Great Depression.

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Rock Zoo
Feeling grateful for such a well maintained historical site! The energy this structure gives off is undeniable! :)
The beautiful view from up top.
Walking around the many options we found new friends.
Found a friendly seat. Promise he won’t bite.
A small fee to enjoy the land and take in the experience. A lot to explore here if you have the time. The imagination is already there.
Several spacecraft and aliens.
Dessert Tower has a gift shop with many interesting items!