Eaton Canyon Falls

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Nightclubs, bars, and freeways aren't the only overcrowded places in LA - its waterfalls and nature preserves are also brimming with people. Eaton Canyon Falls is known to be heavily trafficked, perhaps one of the most crowded trails in the city. If you like your nature walks more secluded, this probably isn't the best place for you (unless you don't mind going at the crack of dawn). If being shoulder-to-shoulder with countless other Angelenos doesn't bother you, take the I-210 to Arroyo, making your way to E. Altadena Drive, which will take you straight to the trail. Be prepared to walk almost four miles with a lot of incline!

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Easy hike. It gets rocky at some point but beautiful scenery.
Rex loves it here
A little tricky to find unless you ask and follow the people. Many hikers are local and travel with their dogs, once you reach the final waterfall mall
Nice and peaceful
great and exciting trail! Will definitely come back.
Very nice!
Sit on top of this little ledge for an awesome view!