Garrett's Arch


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To see the largest arch in Joshua Tree National Park you'll start by parking in the Wall Street Mill dirt parking lot. Head out on the Wall Street Mill Trail and take the first major left in the trail towards the Wonderland Ranch Ruins (around .2 mile marker). When you first see the ranch look to your left and you'll see the beginning of the wash you'll be taking to Garrett's Arch. Please note: When hiking the wash make sure to stay to the right side or you could easily veer off in the wrong direction. Along this wash you'll pass by a few notable rock formations like the Walrus (around .8 mile marker) and the three Freak Brothers (around 1.5 mile marker). Once you reach the Freak Bros, take the 2nd right and follow the trail east. You'll pass the Weenie and the Red Obelisk (remember to stay north of these rock formations). Follow the trail through the valley and into another canyon. You should ultimately reach the arch on the left at the 2.25 mile marker. Don't forget to check out our handy map (photo 2 above) and remember to bring lots of water!



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