Gorda by the Sea


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Gorda Springs by the Sea is a beacon of hope and a stopover oasis for those seeking a bite to eat while traveling on Highway 1. The roadside services include a small hotel and cottages, restaurant, gas station, deli, espresso bar, and convenience store. The area also provides comfort in the rich hues of its garden flowers, hills, ocean waters, and a sky which is the perfect backdrop for nature lovers and photographers - as well who appreciate rich bluish hues and aquamarine not seen in the further southern coastal waters. The cliffs and rocks provide a haven for elephant seals and birds, while the scenery is perfect for watching the annual migrations of whales. There are also many hiking trails, beaches, and fishing coves in the area. Gorda by the Sea was once a stagecoach stop in 1878, in time for the gold rush around 1880! Visit the Whale Watchers Cafe and the Pacific Market Gift Shop while visiting but be advised that because of its deep waters immediately offshore, Gorda does not have sand beaches.


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