Henry Miller Memorial Library

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The Henry Miller Memorial Library, named for the famed American writer who called the area of Big Sur home between 1944 and 1962, is the cultural heart and soul of Big Sur which describes itself as a place "where nothing happens." During the winter months this statement is true because the library is a sleepy spot, a winter retreat where you can have a cup of joe and browse the library's extensive collection of books by the author. You can also check out prints of some of his watercolors. Other local artists are on display as well. Highway traffic noise is non-existent during the winter. This cultural spot heats up from May through October with events such as the annual Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series, an outdoor film festival on Thursday nights for 13 weeks from June through August. If music is your love, the "Live at the Henry Miller Library" series showcases a wide variety of artists - from intimate acoustic acts that perform inside the library to larger-name draws like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Pixies, to name a few. There are also lectures and book signings. There's no borrowing at this library with cool vibes, but you'll walk away with something more prosperous than any physical possession.

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