High Peaks Trail

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The High Peaks Trail in Pinnacles National Park, California is a moderately strenuous 6.8-mile loop that takes hikers through the heart of the park's unique rock formations, offering spectacular views of towering spires, narrow canyons, and diverse landscapes. The trail is known for its geological wonders, including steep ascents, descents, and narrow passages, making it a popular choice for those seeking both a challenging hike and stunning vistas. Visitors can combine the High Peaks Trail with others like Condor Gulch and Bear Gulch for longer loops, and the park's efforts in condor recovery provide opportunities for wildlife observation. (Submitted by Brian Good)

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Wood Bridge
Lots of Fun Stone Stairs to climb
Lower Bear Gulch Caves
Coming out of the caves and heading to the reservoir (perfect place to stop for a snack)
Amazing views from the peak