Limekiln Falls

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Limekiln Falls may be the most compelling attraction in Limekiln State Park; however, the falls do have some competition with the impressively tall coastal redwoods, a dark-sanded beach, and a set of historic kilns that gave the park its name. The size of the waterfall is a 75-100-foot drop over a giant limestone wall with moss growing from it due to the moisture. The hike to the waterfall begins from a parking lot behind a payment kiosk. There are a small number of day-use parking spaces for a $10 fee, but if it's full, there's parking on the side of the road above. After passing through the campground you'll soon reach the first sturdy footbridge. After crossing the bridge you'll get a branched road labeled "Kiln Trail" and "Falls Trail." Continuing on the well-shaded Falls Trail, you'll pass at least two more sturdy footbridges before reaching a signed junction with the Kiln Trail straight ahead and Falls Trail descends to the right. Three creek crossings later you'll find that you are near the base of Limekiln Falls which is about 0.5 miles from the trailhead. The overall hike is about 1.5 mile.